Winter season means car theft

Winter season means car theft

As the chilly season approaches, and the first layers of frost start to cover our gardens – the Motorsparks team wanted to bring something to your attention – something that may never have even crossed your mind.

Wintertime is car-stealing time.

For those of us who may not have the heated wind-screen luxury of an instant de-ice, or a car heater that turns our vehicle into a volcanic hub of happiness, we have to make do with the traditional ice-scraping, turn the car on, turn the heater on, run inside while the vehicle de-frosts and you finish your cup of tea, or get the kids together.

Did you know that in these 5 – 10 minutes renders one of the most popular times for car thieves to strike?


  • Never leave a car unattended with the keys in the ignition – let alone with the vehicle running.
  • Never leave valuable possessions in your vehicle with the vehicle doors open
  • Never warm your vehicle up in an unventilated area where you could risk Carbon Monoxide poisoning
  • The best way to keep your vehicle safe is to have a tracker installed – so that if the inevitable does happen, the chances of it being recovered are so much greater.

The AA recently posted a great article about exactly that – and the risks that the chilly season brings. So – next time you arrive to find your windscreen iced up, and the car freezing inside – don’t turn it on and run. Brave the elements, for just a few minutes and who knows – it may just be the thing that protects you against losing your vehicle – just when you need it most.

Want to talk about vehicle safety solutions for your car this winter? Talk to us.

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