After-market equipment installation

If you’ve already purchased a product, but you need us to install it for you – then give us a call.  Motorsparks has extensive experience in working with a number of aftermarket products.



Car Alarms

The basic philosophy behind a loud audible alarm is to bring attention to a potential crime being committed. Since many criminals operate only when they believe that they are not at risk for being caught, by providing a loud alarm that draws attention to a car that may be being stolen, you have the opportunity to ward off any potential threats to your vehicle or belongings, before it’s even happened.



Motorsparks Infotainment installation services Car Radio & Infotainment Installation

Having been in the auto electrical industry for over 15 years, when it comes to finding the right sound, and fit for you, Motorsparks knows how to make that happen. With extensive personal interest in quality audio systems, we know what good sound sounds like, but more so – we know how to make it work for you. So whether you’re looking to install a system for your kids to keep them busy on holiday, or whether you just want to be able to feel the front-row seat in a concert venue, we can get that done.



parking-sensors Reversing & parking warning sensors

Looking to install or update your reverse and parking sensor system? Motorsparks can help. And what’s better is that with our eye for detail, it won’t look after-market. Ensure that peace of mind when reversing and parking – by having us install a system that will compliment your vehicle’s design and colour.



Motorsparks_car alarms Customised LED or neon lighting kits

Whether you’re looking to fit some ambient lighting in your vintage camper van, or whether you’re looking to create a modern illuminated atmosphere in your sports car, Motorsparks has extensive experience in working with lighting systems to enhance your vehicle’s look and feel. We work with you to understand exactly what you’d like – and then create a bespoke solution to suit your taste.