Trade Solutions Yeovil Ltd

Trade Solutions Yeovil Ltd


Trade Solutions Yeovil Ltd is a commercial and retail cleaning services provider based in Yeovil, Somerset. Running a small fleet of vehicles, Trade Solutions Yeovil Ltd’s priority is to always ensure that they are able to deliver to their customers on time, every time. In order for the office to effectively manage their employee base, it is critical that they have a working fleet management system that accurately reports information back – in order for them improve the way they run their business.

Motorsparks was required to perform and audit, and correct various units installed in their van, on behalf of their tracking solution provider. Upon inspection, it was discovered that the units that were initially installed, had been done so incorrectly – which rendered inaccurate information being recorded.  Motorsparks was able to diagnose the problems, and correct them – resulting in Trade Solutions Yeovil having a fully-functioning fleet.

Adrian Vincent, owner of Trade Solutions Yeovil, had the following feedback about our service:


“I can confirm that the engineer (Denny Roberts from Motorsparks) was a total breath of fresh air who should rightly be applauded for his work.

During his investigation, he found that the units had been installed upside down so actually had little chance of receiving a decent / consistent signal, something I feel the original installer should be taken to task on!!

Denny even came back on Sunday and saw my son with a view to correcting another unit on one of the vans which was not available the day before.

The efficiency and knowledge of this man is admirable and he really is a nice man who i think deserves some RAM feedback also.”

This is just one example of how we’re working with our customers – to look after theirs. If you’d like to work with us – get in touch today.