ScorpionTrack: Parking Sensors

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The Scorpion range of vehicle sensing systems are some of the most advanced available on the market today.

Scorpion manufacture a huge range of safety & security systems to protect your and your vehicle and are suitable for the passenger car and light commercial vehicle market, as well as the heavy goods vehicle sector.

Scorpion Parking Sensors give many benefits to both private individuals and commercial vehicle operators:

  • Helping Drivers avoid costly damage and vehicle downtime
  • Protecting your vehicle and your insurance premiums
  • Assisting the driver in difficult parking situations
  • Reducing whole-life running costs
  • Helping commercial vehicle operators to meet their Duty of Care Obligations
  • Quick & easy installation through an accredited dealer like Motorsparks, provides you with a cost effective solution.

Click here to view the Parking Sensor fact sheet for more information.