In-vehicle cameras

Motorsparks in vehicle monitoringWe hear about insurance fraud regularly. But it’s a much bigger problem that what we may realise. In fact, according to the City of London Police, “Motor insurance fraud is estimated to cost the UK insurance market over £1 billion annually. Opportunist claims are supplemented by claims orchestrated by highly organised and sophisticated criminal gangs.”

So it goes without saying that being able to protect our interests and our assets is becoming one of the biggest considerations both for fleet owners and personal vehicle owners.

In-vehicle cameras or dashcams allow drivers and fleet owners the peace of mind they need in order to record activity taking place outside of the vehicle, as well as inside the vehicle.

Whether you’re concerned about how your drivers are behaving while driving your vehicles, or whether you’re simply wanting to record other motorist behaviour around, ahead and behind your own, then in-vehicle cameras give you the solution you’re after.

Motorsparks is proud to work with industry-leading in-vehicle camera suppliers and we’d love to supply a solution that would match your needs.