Meet the Team

Denny Roberts

Denny Roberts Motorsparks

Denny Roberts founded Motorsparks in 2012 after a very successful career within the Telematics industry. Having worked for a number of telematics providers both as a full-time technical support manager as well as a contractual installation engineer, Denny has had the privilege to serve a wide variety of customers, who own a wide variety of vehicles.

Denny hails from Dorset, loves all things technical and gadgety, is an avid car blog follower and classic car admirer, having owned a number of his own classics. When he’s not in the SAAB, he is occupied by his  VW campervan which, he promises, will be as good as new, soon.



Katy Roberts

Joining Motorsparks in 2016, Katy now manages the back-office administration, sales & marketing for the business. Also running her own independent marketing consultancy, Katy also hails from a telematics background having worked within Product and Account Management for a number of years in South Africa.

When she’s not walking the dog or experimenting with a new bake, Katy enjoys geocaching and mosaics and rates one of most memorable work experience as the day she she was offered 5 camels in exchange for her hand in marriage, while on a Dealer Conference in Egypt.

(She’s still not sure whether that was a cheap offer or not)