Fleet and Telematics installations

Second only to monthly salary bills, our Customers’ second biggest expense is their fleet, so when it comes to fleet management solutions, Motorsparks understands the importance of having a system installed and working and delivering results.

Having worked with a global range of fleet management and telematics equipment, Motorsparks understands the complexity around ensuring that customer fleets are secure, functioning properly and, most importantly, looked after.

So whether our customers are looking to integrate complex Tacho systems into their Fleet solutions, or whether they’re simply want to track where their drivers are, how fast they’re driving and how much fuel they’re using – then Motorsparks can help.

We are product-agnostic and have experience in working with a wide variety of brands both in the UK, and also in Europe.

Motorsparks Installation Services

Our expertise includes



Full fleet systems

Tachodata and systems

Blue-light industry Incident Data Recorders



“Denny was meticulous in understanding the challenges we experienced with our drivers. He was able to suggest covert ways to install our fleet system that was secure enough but without being invasive. He developed a good rapport with our staff and was able to interpret the data we received through the system, to help us implement improved training behaviour for our team.”