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Motorsparks receives another glowing testimonial from Hibbard Automotive

16992131_888212264652356_8810548423420507910_oMotorsparks was recently requested to quote for the supply and installation of Thinkware’s flagship forward and rear facing camera, the F770, with wifi.

Hibbard Automotive provides automotive body repairs, servicing and MOT testing. This family-run business, established in 1989, and has been servicing the local community in Thorncombe and beyond since then.

With a business renowned for it’s quality of service, Motorsparks is incredibly proud to have received a glowing testimonial from Adrian:

“Thanks for the job you have done.  Would recommend you for your work, professional, punctual, good communications & as they say, it does what it say’s on the box. Will be in touch for the next job. Thank again, Adrian”

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 08.21.06The pleasure was all ours, Adrian!

For more information on Hibbard Automotive, take a look at their website.

Mobile phone laws are changing. Don’t get caught out by losing your licence.

It’s no secret that the authorities are trying to crack down on wreckless and irresponsible driving habits.  According to the BBC, “In 2015 – the latest year for which figures are available – 22 people were killed and 99 seriously injured in accidents where a driver was using their phone”. So it’s no wonder that it’s time to change a habit that has crept in causing major upset on our roads, and serious consequence to our families and loved ones.

As of 1 March, penalties for using a phone at the wheel double to six points and a £200 fine.  New drivers who get six points or more must retake their practical and theory tests. More experienced drivers can be banned if they get 12 points in three years.  It is serious – and it’s time to become vigilant.

There is only so much that you as a concerned parent or authority can do – and then you need to rely on technology to help you.  Motorsparks is proud to work with some of the best telecommunication suppliers in the industry – and whether you’re looking for a solution for a hands-free kit, or whether you’re looking for in-vehicle monitoring systems – we can help find you what you need.

Thinkware Dash Cams

As an approved distributor of the Thinkware product range, Motorsparks provides a wide range of options for forward and rear-facing cameras that protect you when you need it most. With the mobile-related vehicle incidents on the rise, it’s important for you to be able to look out for your own loved ones – and that’s where good quality dash cameras serve as your eyes and ears when you are not present.  Unfortunately – the “cheap and cheerful” options you get from mainstream retailers sometimes simply don’t suffice – and so often it takes something as serious as a vehicle collision to realise that you should have invested in a high quality solution that simply won’t let you down.

Hands-free kits

Whether it’s the Parrot range, or a bespoke mobile-operator solution, we’ve worked on them all. If you’re looking for a solution that provides connectivity for you while you’re driving, then speak to us. We’ll help you find the solution you need that keeps you safe and in control of your vehicle at all times.

The laws are changing – and so should your habits. So get in touch us today to speak about how we can help to keep you safe and in control.



AJ Dean Transport gives Motorsparks the thumbs up!

Being a small business – receiving good feedback from those customers that we serve is so critical to us ensuring that we deliver only the best, and keep improving where we can.

This week, we were so honoured to receive some great feedback from Andy Dean – owner of Southampton-based Haulage company A.J.Dean transport.

Andy writes:

We are very pleased with the work carried out. I have used Motorsparks several times and they have always turned up on time, every time. Very helpful and have carried out exceptional work. Thank You.”

Serving customers is our passion – and it shows in our calibre of work!

Thank you, Andy, for your support.



Winter season means car theft

As the chilly season approaches, and the first layers of frost start to cover our gardens – the Motorsparks team wanted to bring something to your attention – something that may never have even crossed your mind.

Wintertime is car-stealing time.

For those of us who may not have the heated wind-screen luxury of an instant de-ice, or a car heater that turns our vehicle into a volcanic hub of happiness, we have to make do with the traditional ice-scraping, turn the car on, turn the heater on, run inside while the vehicle de-frosts and you finish your cup of tea, or get the kids together.

Did you know that in these 5 – 10 minutes renders one of the most popular times for car thieves to strike?


  • Never leave a car unattended with the keys in the ignition – let alone with the vehicle running.
  • Never leave valuable possessions in your vehicle with the vehicle doors open
  • Never warm your vehicle up in an unventilated area where you could risk Carbon Monoxide poisoning
  • The best way to keep your vehicle safe is to have a tracker installed – so that if the inevitable does happen, the chances of it being recovered are so much greater.

The AA recently posted a great article about exactly that – and the risks that the chilly season brings. So – next time you arrive to find your windscreen iced up, and the car freezing inside – don’t turn it on and run. Brave the elements, for just a few minutes and who knows – it may just be the thing that protects you against losing your vehicle – just when you need it most.

Want to talk about vehicle safety solutions for your car this winter? Talk to us.

Motorsparks van gets a Graphics Factory makeover

As most people running their own business would appreciate – getting to that moment where you see your business, which was once a little idea conceived over a cup of coffee or a pint of beer, start to emerge as a real, tangible thing, is probably one of the most exciting parts of any start-up business.

So one would not be surprised at our excitement in the Motorsparks team today when we finally had our Motorsparks van sign-written with our beautiful new branding, created by Daniel Warburton from World Wide Warb.  (Yes, the very same chap that has designed for the greats like Bonobo, Orbital and our personal favourites, the Lancashire Hot Pots).

So, after looking for a reputable vehicle sign-writer (and yes, we’ve seen some nasties in the field), we took a chance with Andy and Jamie from The Graphics Factory based in Chard, Somerset.  This father and son team design, print and administer almost any type of graphic for vehicles and have already a strong following from other local business.

We also discovered that apart from the vehicle graphics, they are masters in other large-print solutions too – and between the two of them, can turn their hand to almost anything, as I noted their branded clothing and the wall-clock which Andy just “knocked together”.  And a pretty good job he did too!

Thank you both so much for the superb work you’ve done. Your eye for detail, meticulous measurement and quality of work just adds to our pride. We’d have absolutely no reserve in recommending this incredible business. And if you have questions – get in touch! We promise to post more pictures of our van – when it’s not raining!!

In the meantime, here’s a little gallery of the work in progress!

Motorsparks receives glowing testimonial from Trade Solutions Yeovil Ltd.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – there is no point in doing anything if what you do doesn’t add value to the customer you’re working for. That is why Motorsparks is extremely proud of the service we provide, level of expertise on offer and most importantly, the quality of work we deliver.

Motorsparks serves a number of businesses who often entrust their customers into our care. And so we couldn’t have been happier when we received this testimonial recently from a Adrian Vincent at Trading Solutions Yeovil Ltd.

Adrian writes:

“I can confirm that the engineer (Denny Roberts from Motorsparks) was a total breath of fresh air who should rightly be applauded for his work. During his investigation, he found that the units had been installed upside down so actually had little chance of receiving a decent / consistent signal, something I feel the original installer should be taken to task on!! Denny even came back on Sunday and saw my son with a view to correcting another unit on one of the vans which was not available the day before. The efficiency and knowledge of this man is admirable and he really is a nice man who i think deserves some RAM feedback also.”

Thank you for your wonderful feedback, Adrian.



Motorsparks become authorised Smart Witness reseller

Motorsparks becomes SmartWitness resellerMotorsparks is proud to announce that we have become authorised reseller of the SmartWitness product range.

SmartWitness is a world leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of in-vehicle cameras, recorders, and software. Their industry-leading vehicle equipment has produced exceptional results for clients and solutions which undeniably redefine the way vehicle risk is analysed. With roots dating back to 2007, SmartWitness has implemented protection of over 200,000 vehicles around the world, covering in excess of 35 million miles per day. SmartWitness pioneered the commercial-grade dash camera and were the first to integrate dash cameras with telematics hardware. Today, SmartWitness is further bridging the gap between vehicle telematics and video with its lineup of network connected products and accompanying API stack.

With a wide range of commercial, and private vehicle camera solutions, the SmartWitness range caters for almost every possible scenario.

Whether you’re looking for a 3G-enabled camera solution that allows you to download video data of your fleet, while they’re out on the road, whenever you need it, or whether you’re looking for a solution that provides blind spot / side scan monitoring solutions – the Smart Witness range is the one to do it for you.

Do you have a specific requirement?

Get in touch with us today.

You buy it. We fit it.

Although Motorsparks supplies  a wide variety of fleet, security and audio equipment, we do recognise that sometimes you prefer doing the buying.  That’s why – we’re more than happy to work with you to get the products you have purchased, installed and working.

Whether you’re looking to fit an old stereo that you’ve had for a while, or whether you’ve just treated yourself to the latest infotainment system, we can help you get it fitted into your vehicle and get you up and running soon.

But it’s not just audio systems that we fit for you. Motorsparks also has experience installing a variety of parking sensors, navigational equipment, hands-free kits, hard-wire dash cam solutions etc.

You buy it. We fit it.

The beauty of it all is that Motorsparks will do all of this at a location that suits you. We cover Dorset, Devon and Somerset and with our extended network cover, can also assist you in Hampshire, Wiltshire and other areas.

So get in touch with us today and let us know what you need.

Beaminster auto-electrical specialist, Motorsparks, has audio know-how.

Beaminster-based business Motorsparks has been active in the auto-electrical industry for over 20 years.  So it goes without saying that we understand the art of getting a vehicle audio system installed, improved, repaired and enhanced – regardless of vehicle make, audio system brand and personal audio setting preferences.

We recently supplied and fitted a Kenwood DAB audio system into our customer’s Toyota RAV4  who was looking for a solution that would give her flexibility, security and independence, but more importantly – give her the tools she needed to stream music from a number of sources.  Using an Android-based smartphone, our customer travels to new locations quite extensively, and relies on up to date maps and navigation – but with an outdated SATNAV she decided to opt for a solution that would give her everything she needed and would minimise the number of gadgets stuck to her windscreen.

Our installation included the fitment of a high definition microphone that enables our customer to make an receive phone calls, as well as connectivity to her steering wheel controls that allows her to control all of this without removing her eyes from the road.

The audio system we recommended allows her to stream music via USB, bluetooth, FM and DAB while at the same time replicating her mobile phone onto the screen itself in order to use navigational tools – all via one single system.

“I’m absolutely over the moon with Motorsparks’ quality of work – their dedication to getting exactly the sound that I want, their professionalism and most of all their flexibility in working around my working hours and location. They are clearly experts at what they do – and I would highly recommend their services – especially when you are looking for someone who will respect your vehicle as much as you do” – Iris Calverley

If you are looking for a system that works for you – or, if you have a system that doesn’t work and you’re looking for help to get it fitted or working again – give us a ring.

We can help you source the best product – and deliver a great integrated audio experience.


Car Crash Britain and why you need a Dash Camera



If you were lucky enough to catch Car Crash Britain – Caught on Camera recently, you would have seen some real-life examples of everyday people doing some extraordinary things.

Typically – when one thinks about a dash camera in a vehicle, your thoughts immediately go to self-preserveration and protection. And for most of the time, that’s exactly the reason why many of us invest in a camera.

However, if you were watching he aforementioned program, you may have been as surprised as we were to notice how many situations there were where dash cameras were used as evidence as a 3rd party witness to a collision, hit and run and even road rage.

The reality is – we live in a society where the rate of individual vehicle owners is increasing at a rapid rate. With increased vehicle numbers inevitably comes increased traffic congestion – which ultimately leads to exhausted, frustrated drivers who do make mistakes.

If you haven’t yet considered the importance of a dash camera, then perhaps today is the day that you make that decision.

Motorsparks supplies and fits THINKWARE dash camera products. The wide range of camera solutions means that you can choose a solution that fits your need, and your wallet.

Speak to us today about how we can help you become secure and protected.