Motorsparks receives glowing testimonial from Trade Solutions Yeovil Ltd.

Motorsparks receives glowing testimonial from Trade Solutions Yeovil Ltd.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – there is no point in doing anything if what you do doesn’t add value to the customer you’re working for. That is why Motorsparks is extremely proud of the service we provide, level of expertise on offer and most importantly, the quality of work we deliver.

Motorsparks serves a number of businesses who often entrust their customers into our care. And so we couldn’t have been happier when we received this testimonial recently from a Adrian Vincent at Trading Solutions Yeovil Ltd.

Adrian writes:

“I can confirm that the engineer (Denny Roberts from Motorsparks) was a total breath of fresh air who should rightly be applauded for his work. During his investigation, he found that the units had been installed upside down so actually had little chance of receiving a decent / consistent signal, something I feel the original installer should be taken to task on!! Denny even came back on Sunday and saw my son with a view to correcting another unit on one of the vans which was not available the day before. The efficiency and knowledge of this man is admirable and he really is a nice man who i think deserves some RAM feedback also.”

Thank you for your wonderful feedback, Adrian.



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Katy has supported Motorsparks since its inception in 2012 and is responsible for the marketing, sales and accounts part of the business.

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