Andy Dean Transport

Andy Dean Transport

A.J. Dean Transport, based in Southampton, is a family-run transport and logistics business. Priding themselves on providing a friendly and reliable service, the A.J. Dean fleet team cover most of the UK to deliver solutions for their customers.  Offering the delivery and collection of a wide variety of haulage loads, the A.J.Dean fleet team understand the importance of being efficient and ensuring that their customers get what they require, every time.

That is why they completely depend on a fleet management system that provides accurate information and intelligence 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

So whether they require a system upgrade, or transfer from one vehicle to another, just as they provide an efficient service to their customers, they expect the same from their suppliers. Which is why they choose Motorsparks to support them when their fleet management system needs attention.

Andy Dean, owner of A.J.Dean Transport, writes:

We are very pleased with the work carried out. I have used Motorsparks several times and they have always turned up on time, every time. Very helpful and have carried out exceptional work. Thank You.”

Motorsparks recognises the importance of having a good, working fleet management system. We understand the investment that fleet owners have made. We understand the importance for them to deliver for their customers – and that is why we are proud to support A.J.Dean to ensure their fleet management uptime – every time.

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